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  • Logopeda, our business name comes from Latin, and it means "educating speech" (paidea - educate, logos - word). It is a word used in over 7 languages around the world to refer to speech and language therapy. Since we support parents across the globe, we wanted our name to reflect our international scope.

    We specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Apraxia of Speech in children ages 1-7. Our team loves working with families and school staff directly, because we believe a child's parents and teachers are the most influential people in their life. 

    The process of working with us usually involves the following steps:

    • an initial phone consultation to determine the need for services
    • an intake consultation over the phone 
    • an in-person evaluation to assess your child's communication needs
    • the creation of a treatment plan 
    • therapy sessions in your home or at school 

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  • Alina is passionate about communication and building strong, loving relationships. Growing up, she was fascinated by the power of words, and dreamed to one day teach people to speak authentically and powerfully. In a past life-time she was a healer. These days she coaches parents and provides speech and language therapy to children ages 1-7. 

    Alina holds an M.S. in Communication Disorders from California State University East Bay, and a Marriage and Family certificate from the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, as well as other miscelaneous training certificates in non-violent communication, meditation and domestic harmony. 

    When Alina is not in action doing therapy or teaching, she can be found dancing, doing yoga, bodywork or meditating. 

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  • Katherine is a power house of knowledge and reassurance. With a no-behavior left behind policy, she gets to the bottom of any behavior and work from there to bring harmony and peace. Katherine loves to work with parents on implementing behavior strategies and creating stimulating activities that keeps kids busy and learning. 

    When not playing with children or working on fun materials, Katherine likes to entertain friends at home and explore the beautiful day and night life of San Francisco.